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What Conference Organizers are Saying….

Botanica 2014, Dublin, Ireland – ” I am writing as organiser and host of Botanica2014, an international conference for plant therapeutics, held at Trinity College Dublin in September 2014. I had the honour and pleasure of inviting Beverly Gray, author of the Boreal Herbal and owner of Aroma Borealis as our closing speaker at this event.”

“Beverley’s presentation concerning the medicinal, edible and aromatic plants of the Taiga and the Yukon region was extremely well received and the audio file of her excellent presentation is one of our most frequently requested files since the event ended.”

” Botanica2014 welcomed almost 300 plant professionals from 39 different countries; Beverley’s presentation succinctly and effectively reflected her experience and passion for her region and her work was illustrated with breathtaking images taken from her book. ”

“I would highly recommend her as a speaker at future events and am delighted she was able to join us in Ireland in 2014.”

~ Rhiannon Harris –  Gérante, EURL Essential Oil Resource Consultants

International Herb Association’s annual conference in Toronto in July 2014.

” I had the pleasure of being one of the key organizers in the International Herb Association’s annual conference in Toronto in July 2014.”

“Our key note speaker was the very amazing Beverley Gray, from Whitehorse, Yukon”

“Beverley enchanted the entire conference with her vibrant slide show and many pictures featuring the beloved flora and herbs of the Boreal regions of Canada.”

“She showcased many of the important herbs of her homeland and taught us much.
In fact, by the end of the weekend, we ALL wanted to come and visit. I know that I, for one, will be coming to Whitehorse in 2015!”

“Beverley has a unique style, which brings the magic of the plant world to those who have not experienced the glory of Yukon Territory. Canadians and visiting Americans alike were captivated by her stories and colourful pictures which capture the splendor of the landscape.”

“Bev’s business, Aroma Borealis needs to have more exposure to highlight Bev’s life- work and the gifts of this amazing region of Canada. Her book, the Boreal Herbal is a cherished book in any herbalist’s library. It sure is, in mine.”

~ Carol Little R.H. Toronto

Alberta Herb Gathering

“Beverley Gray has been a speaker at two Alberta Herb Gathering Events. The many participants drawn to her talks loved Bev’s presentations.”

“Both times she mentioned plants unique to the Yukon. People in the audience were buzzing with ideas and excitement about the Yukon after her talks.”

“The audience loved her book and recipe ideas that featured local plants, people and customs. Some of the students made special trips to the Yukon to see its natural beauty and tour Bev’s shop.”

“Bev is not only creating awareness and respect for plants of the Yukon, but making the people, traditions and way of life legendary.”

~ Laurie Szott-Rogers and Robert Rogers, Alberta Herb Gathering Organizers

Montana Herb Gathering

“Beverley Gray was a presenter at the Montana Herb Gathering in 2012 in which she conducted herself with integrity and professionalism. I have also had the honor to present with Beverly at the Alberta Herb Gathering in 2013.”

” Beverly Gray is a knowledgeable, passionate and highly skilled herbalist and business owner. She is an example and asset to the Yukon Territory. Her love for her home, the people, plant life and animal kingdom is embodied in all of her actions, from teaching, to conducting business.”

“One can also see proof of this in her book The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North, a favourite of many of her students and customers.”

“If I were still the president of the Montana Herb Gathering, I would not hesitate to invite Beverly back as presenter. I look forward to the day that I can visit Whitehorse and the Yukon Territory, all thanks to Beverly’s love for home and place.”

~ Jennephyr Reiche-Sterling, Community Herbalist, Herbal Educator