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September 22- 27th/2017

 Hollyhock, Cortes Island, B.C. shamanic Explorations in Nature





Medicine making is an import life skill that is making it’s way back into the kitchens of Canadians! An interactive herbal workshop that covers boreal plant identification, usage and health benefits of local wild and cultivated plants. Herbalist, Beverley Gray will demonstrate how to mindfully harvest medicinal plants and how to make and blend delicious and healthful herbal teas, medicinal oils, and salves, tinctures, elixers and vinegars.

Each participant will leave with a nice collection of herbal medicines that were created during the workshop.


Learn how to connect deeply with the sacred, life-force energy of plants. Sacred-spirit plant healing involves meeting the plant spirit or energy to influence healing of the human mind, body, spirit, and heart. This energy can be engaged on many levels including through the chakra system.

We will delve into the spiritual anatomy of the heart, the center of the chakra system, through guided meditation, and by co-creating a vibrational plant essence and various other medicinal plant preparations such as hydrosols, oils and a spiritual an-ointment.

Learning to make herbal medicines in sacred community will help bring a deeper understanding and awareness of the natural world. Each participant will leave with a nice collection of herbal medicines that they created during the workshop and a new perspective on the energy of plants.

Herbal Skin Care: Nature’s Remedies

Be prepared to have some fun! Learn how to use wild Yukon plants, essential oils and herbs from around the globe for your herbal skin care regime. We will explore and use herbs for teas, foot soaks, face steams, facial muds and moisturizing. This is a hands and face on workshop! We will be trying many herbal applications and will make an herbal facial cream. Please bring: a towel, face cloth, hair-band and a large bowl.

The Boreal Herbal  Plant Walk

Join Boreal Herbalist, Beverley Gray on an interactive wild plant walk and talk.  This workshop covers plant identification, usage and health benefits of local Boreal wild plants. Learn to mindfully gather medicinal and food plants and how to create and blend delicious and healthful herbal remedies.

Boreal Juices, Smoothies and Herbal Teas

Join Boreal Herbalist, Beverley Gray in the alchemists’ kitchen where she will demonstrate how to transform wild boreal forest plants into nutritional, medicinal and tasty beverages that you can easily make at home.

Women of Wisdom, Spirit and Power

Accessing Earths intelligence for Self Care, Health and Healing As we evolve and walk the wise women path we may enter into a time of self-reflection, health issues may arise along the way this workshop is designed to give tools and reminders of the importance of women’s community and how we can care for each other and ourselves through life’s transitions.

In this workshop you will:                                                                                                      Engage and build community with other women in a sacred wellness weekend;   Connect with your own energy through chakra balancing, self-massage and reflexology; Explore Mother Nature and her many remedies that call us on this healing journey through herbs and aromatherapy;                                                                                          Learn how to care for yourself using nature as our muse, through wild plant walks and plant meditation;                                                                                                                       Create a collection of self care remedies that you will take home with you;                 Reflect through journaling and turning inward.